“Trolling” in General

Nalates Wrote:

Since posting reveals you, the final question distills down to how you want to be seen, who you want to be, and what you hope to become. Doesn’t that affect how you post and behave in-Cavern?

A Good question indeed. What spurred it?

Keiya wrote:

Then shut down the cavern. If you’re not going to allow people to give others an accurate assessment of the risks of being in game, it is *hideously* irresponsible to keep it running.

The sentiment in general floating about is thus: “If the few can’t behave, take away a good thing for the many.” I find this is wrong. Much like many statements of similar controversy.

I spent Halloween Night in the City, and had to listen to several People complaining about (a) troll(s) and rejoicing about someone being banned.

Now, I’ve not spent a lot of time in the City lately, but to me this came as a shock.  What did this one person do so badly that required banning? Furthermore, There were complaints about one person in particular in the city that evening. They were even telling someone to STOP talking when I did NOT see this person even talking.

What did this reveal to me?  About these people?

One person was saying:

“You’re a troll!”

But, The WORST That I saw coming from this so-called ‘troll’ was that they were sending KI Pics to others.

I’m Sorry. But this behavior is NOT what I’ve wanted to see from this community.

At Heritage Night, I’ve run the challenge issued us by Dr. Warson that we MUST be better at controlling our Emotions and Egos. I’ve heard rumors, and nasty things being flung about, but I honestly do not care to be caught UP in this mess.

Back to the second quote: To Take away something good from the many because of the few?

WHY Is this thinking prevalent?  It is mostly due, in part, to the thinking of the Outside world.

When “Trolls” appear, it is due to things on the outside pressing in. The Simple fact of the matter is that “Troll” is the wrong word. Much like “Hacker” is the wrong word for a Cracker in Media, “Troll” Is the ‘evil’ notation of the word “Grief-er” in the Internet.

In the connotations of calling someone a “Troll”, you are being politically incorrect, much like calling all “Hackers” Evil. The Community at large must correct this line of thinking!  This person, so called “Troll” Was not being a “Troll” vis-a-vis the “Grief-er” Definition, not from what I could see.

Furthermore, the thread in which the first two above quotes were taken is a discussion on “Behavior in the City.”

In My Full-Heart-ed and Honest Opinion, the thread is yet again the same subject being brought up that HAS been brought up time and time again.

“H8ers gonna H8”

As it is said.

We Need to stop.

Ranting and yelling is NOT going to get us anywhere, Especially in the internet. Often times, I view threads on MystOnline forums and spontaneously find random members ignored.

I do not even have a working account on MO Forums.

So, I ask you. What is wrong with this picture?

Why do we NEED an ignore button?

Why does it exist?

Nalates Wrote:

Every so many months we go through this discussion.

There is no answer.

Red Gunner Wrote:

I know we sometimes get unsavoury people in the cavern who can and will do irritating or even unpleasant things. But let’s not get things out of proportion here. The overwhelming majority of visitors are friendly, welcoming and helpful. I know we all have real-life frustrations, but I’d like to think we don’t vent these frustrations on our fellow explorers.

As I’ve said before, my experiences in MOULa are usually very good, and if I do get pestered by someone (which is extremely rare), they quickly go on the ‘ignore’ list.

We have a great community in MOULa, exemplified by how we all pulled together to raise the CAVCON level from 2 to 4. So please, let’s not continue to paint this picture of doom and gloom.

We have a great thing going here; let’s not spoil it.

And Yet there’s this?

WHY do we focus on the negative when there is so much GOOD about us?

Why. Why are we FIGHTING when we’ve managed to- in the course of several weeks- Raise a Simple METER Two whole levels?

I said, once, that perhaps we’ve passed the test. But no. We have NOT passed the test at all.

On the contrary, we are still taking it.

Someone Wise Once Wrote:

Life is a harsh teacher. She gives the Test first and the Lesson later.

Paraphrased Loosely.

The Liaison fiasco, and other such events, have caused major fractures in our small community. URUites have long since forgotten the Journey they once took: Nay- I dare say- some never ever listened in the first place.

adi wrote:

Our biggest problem most of the time is that we can’t help ourselves when we feel one of our buddies is being attacked and we jump in to give justice, making things worse of course. And that we get online all fed up and moody and needing to escape from our stressful real lives, sometimes so much we have no patience to deal with our fellow explorers’ cr#p. Or way too bored and wanting to stir things up, same result in the end.
Oh well, we learn eventually…!

This. This in a nutshell.

Let me emphasize this one line:  “we get online all fed up and moody and needing to escape from our stressful real lives.”

One Reason I come to URU is because I get fed up with my surface life. I know one explorer who, working for two months straight in a stressful environment with little to no break time, comes to URU in his spare time, even when he finally has a chance to lay up and get some rest due to a cold.

To return to the original point I was trying to make, Marten sums it up nicely:

Parents that are uncomfortable with the risks can disallow their children from playing. That is all that is necessary. Shutting down the game would accomplish nothing in the end but annoy the people who enjoy it; there are a million-plus places on the internet that are less safe for children than here, and shutting down this place would just mean an unsupervised child would move on to something potentially worse.

To disallow many who come to this wonderful world for escape a chance to do such because of a few bad eggs is NOT the answer.  Neither is allowing them to go unpunished. What needs to be done here is simple: We need to let go of the anger. Of the hate.

We need to calm the Heek down, take a deep breath, and focus on the future.

URU is on a good path- A world where many come to escape the horrors of the real world-, but constantly being steered for a darker one by these arguments, these branches from the outside working their way in.

Destruction is still coming, and like it or not, I’m not quoting a Game tag-line.

If we allow our escape to be dragged into the drama horror-terrors of the real-world, then where shall we escape to?




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Pencils Up

Test’s here folks. Hope you studied.


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This thread here brings amazing imagery  to mind. Simply look at the last Gira pic on the first page. I did a double take when I saw that.

I thought, for the briefest of moments, that that was a photograph from a REAL Eder Gira.
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The Drill that will make the heavens!

See here. Another respectable call for the end of fighting. A Call for unity.

And only a few posts in, the same old thing rears it’s head again.

I think I need to reiterate what I said at Heritage Night:

“You can’t roll forward on the wheels of tomorrow while clinging to the squares of yesterday!”

Things as they stand are thus:

Myst Online forums have been threatened with closure should the fighting continue. It hasn’t.

People try to end the fighting to keep the forums from closing. Those threads degenerate by intervention of the Fighters.

It’s come to the point that people are trying to put together forwarding addresses for eachother, in anticipation of the forum’s closure.

This first post is just as true as it ever was. People want to fight. Yes. People end up arguing and complaining. Yes.

But is the destruction of a valuable resource WORTH IT?  the Forums are now almost 60% ReadOnly now! And for what? A little bit of restructuring? That’s the official answer, yes. But the unofficial? It’s a warning shot. Cyan can close the forums at any time, and they’ve locked most of it already. Has this stopped the fighting?

Not at all.

The Way I see it, there’s one problem here. People don’t want to admit they’re wrong.

Inorder to fix what’s wrong here, people need to admit that they’re wrong about SOMETHING. Nobody, no-one in the universe, is ever, completely, accurately 100% right about EVERYTHING.

“There is ALWAYS margin for error.”

-Physics 101.

Trust me when I say this- and listen well, because there WILL be a test later- We need to let the Past GO.

The past is the Past. The future is the Future.

The only way we can progress forward is smoothing out the square, drilling out a hole in the center.

We need to  make Uru into a wheel out of a Square.


URU’s fate is a tale similar to an Anime that I watched recently, a very popular Anime infact. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

I suggest you go out and buy it/find it/download it/WHATEVER-IT. But Find it: Watch it: Learn from it.

Understand it.

And all the while, Keep URU in mind.

I will post a summary of it later, comparisons abound.

That is the Final Exam.

Study Hard.

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Slanderous Accusations


It has come to my attention that there has been an explorer who has recently been creating slanderous videos on YouTube about other Explorers and Explorer groups in the Cavern.

For your safety and that of others, do not believe anything you read or see in a Video concerning one particular explorer.

Finally, to the accused party, and you know who you are, I am very, very disappointed in you. 😐 I thought you were better than this. Guess I was wrong.


You think you know people, but then, it turns out that you don’t.

I am a person who takes pride in standing up for his friends, and when I see someone back-talking about a friend of mine, especially someone I considered to be in the same category, I just can’t stand for it.

Anyone who Dares to talk bad about one of my friends is going to go to the Ignore list. Three Strikes then and there.

I give people three chances, but this time. No. You’ve blown them all in ONE SHOT.

With that said.



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And the thread whose OP I agree with ends up devolving into another argument.

That’s why I’ve just got to say:


(TL:DR at bottom)

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I agree whole heartedly.


I agree with this completely. The current state of the Community is deteriorating and if something isn’t done to rectify it, then… Well… I’d say we’re doomed.


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